Aviation Services

If We Can’t Do It, No One Can.

For 60 years, commercial and military customers have been choosing Columbia to safely and successfully fly the most difficult heavy-lift jobs on the planet.

Heavy-Lift Authority

We harness the power of Chinook helicopters to carry as much as 26,000 lbs. of whatever our commercial, military and government customers need to accomplish construction, forestry and stream work, disaster relief, logging, firefighting, and oil and gas-related projects and missions.

Lift Services

Columbia is the world’s only commercial operator of the Columbia 234 Chinook and Columbia Vertol 107-II heavy lift helicopters. These high-performing, hard-working aircraft are the commercial models of the highly regarded CH-47 Chinook and CH-46 Sea Knight.


The U.S. Forest Service and other customers count on Columbia for its firefighting prowess, and our aircraft and crews deliver, capably and reliably, year after year. Two Boeing CH-47Ds equipped with 2,800-gallon internal water tanks have added yet another potent weapon to Columbia’s exceptionally strong firefighting arsenal.

Charter Services

Whether we are installing cement barriers to safeguard U.S. troops in Afghanistan from Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) — or helping an international customer field and operate a fleet of heavy-lift aircraft — Columbia’s commitment to customer success is clear.

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