A Veteran By Your Side

From passenger and cargo transport to disaster relief support, customers call on Columbia Helicopters to establish, augment or expand their heavy-lift and super-heavy lift capabilities. The proven design and supportability of the tandem rotor and twin-engine Columbia Model 107-II Vertol and Columbia Model 234 Chinook helicopters makes them the most versatile platforms capable to operate in extreme conditions and austere environments.


Columbia Helicopters holds an FAA 14 CFR part 135 operating certificate and is a Commercial Airlift Review Board (CARB) certified airlift provider to the US Department of Defense (DoD).

Active in Afghanistan

Columbia Helicopters is proud to continue to support the US Department of Defense in Afghanistan. Supported by pilots, mechanics, and cabin crew, our fleet transport cargo, mail and passengers, including VIPs.

Our ability to deliver supplies and cargo to outlying FOBS using our L2P2 (long Line Precision Placement) techniques is extremely valued by Military units. This capability allows us to resupply ground personnel in areas where other helicopters may find it difficult or impossible to access due to terrain and or lack of this capability.


Columbia continues to build capabilities with the largest fleet of commercial heavy-lift and super-heavy helicopters configured to various mission profiles in support of government and commercial organizations worldwide.

  • Passenger transportation
  • Internal cargo transportation
  • External long line precision placement (L2P2) of cargo
  • Mail delivery
  • Night vision googles operations

Columbia has the experience, capabilities and helicopters to complete the mission.

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