Columbia Helicopters’ unique aircraft and experience allow the company to provide aerial logistic services to government agencies around the world.

U.S. CARB approved, Columbia’s Model 234 Chinooks and Vertol 107-IIs (the commercial model of the H-46 Sea Knight helicopter) can carry passengers internally, or carry cargo internally or externally. The company also owns and operates military surplus Boeing CH-47D, which operates as a restricted category aircraft.

Columbia’s experience with support of government operations include famine relief work. In 1985, Columbia won a competitive contract with the Department of States’ USAID. The project called for helicopters to provide famine relief operations in Sudan. Columbia rapidly deployed three 107s via USAF C-5 to Khartoum, where the aircraft were reassembled and flown to Nyala in Darfur Province. During 100 days of operations, the aircraft flew more than 2,600 hours and delivered more than 8 million pounds of food and medical supplied to the people of that region. The entire company took justifiable pride in this massive effort to provide humanitarian relief to the famine-stricken people of Sudan.

Columbia’s versatility includes a variety of aerial services that can prove vital in response to disasters or other emergency situations. The company is a leading provider of fire fighting services across the Western United States. The company uses self-filling buckets, deploying water or fire retardant to areas without road access.

Columbia deployed to Afghanistan in 2011, in support of the Coalition forces and under contract with the U.S. Transportation Command. Very rapidly, the company’s crews and aircraft were recognized for their “can-do” spirit and ability to move loads from the end of an external cargo line. Long Line Precision Placement – dubbed L2P2 by the US Army – allows the aircraft and crew to pick up loads from crowded staging areas without creating brown-out conditions. Equally, they can deliver the loads to limited-access areas, such as observation posts.

The company is equally adept at construction projects, installing power line towers, communication towers, or other construction projects that can help to restore infrastructure throughout a region or country.


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