Backed by over 50 years of experience

Columbia Helicopters achieves remarkable flight hours due to our experienced mechanics and extensive maintenance capabilities. Our experience can help you reach your target availability rate.

What Can Columbia Do for You?

Columbia Helicopters supports military and commercial customers around the world. Operators choose Columbia because we understand the difference between knowing how to maintain a helicopter and what is required to keep it operating in peak condition.

Columbia provides total life-cycle support on the CH-47 and CH-46 helicopter platforms. Columbia also supports the Honeywell T55 and the GE T58 and CT58 series of engines with its in-house correlated engine test cells.

We understand what it takes to sustain your helicopter’s readiness rate because we don’t just maintain them – we fly them, too.


CH-46 | CH-47 | H-3/S-61

Engine Services

Columbia Helicopters is capable of providing engine MRO services to numerous engines and APUs. We are a factory-authorized service center for the Honeywell T55-714 series engine and a GE approved Total Logistics Support Center for the GE T58 and CT 58 . Our facility maintains a Honeywell correlated test cell capable of operating up to 6,000 shaft horsepower. Another test cell provides baseline data for all GE T58 engines.

We also repair and overhaul a range of related accessories:

  • Fuel Controls, Pumps, Manifolds
  • Centrifugal Purifiers
  • Flow Dividers
  • Lube Pumps
  • Stator Vane Actuators (SVA)
  • Anti-Ice Valves
  • Pilot Valves
  • T5 Harnesses
  • Oil Coolers
  • Over Speed Controls
  • Accessory Drive Gearboxes
  • Front Frame Accessory Drives
  • Power Turbine Accessory Drives
  • Right Angle Drives
  • Oil Jets, Combustion Liners
  • Bypass and Relief Valves
  • Solenoid and Bleed Valves

Airframe Services

Columbia Helicopters is uniquely qualified to provide airframe services ranging from minor modifications to major structural repairs, in our facility and with rapid on-site field repair teams.

  • Complete reset and modernization
  • Major airframe modifications: structural, avionics and mission equipment
  • Major airframe repairs: battle damage and normal breakage
  • Fiberglass and composite repair
  • Tail section repair
  • Engine mount replacement
  • Depot level maintenance
  • Corrosion inspection and reports
  • Painting and corrosion protection


Columbia Helicopters’ technicians are highly skilled and fully equipped with the latest tools, technologies and facilities in component repair and overhaul. Columbia is proud to offer US Army approved (CH-47), NAVAIR approved (CH-46) and OEM qualified (234 and 107) services.

A full lineup of balancing, repair and overhaul capabilities are available on the following:


  • Forward and Aft Rotor Heads
  • Swashplates
  • Tail Rotor Drive Shafts
  • Vertical Shafts
  • Flight Control Assemblies
  • Synchronization Shafts and Adapter Assemblies



  • Dive Shaft Assemblies
  • Engine Compressors
  • Turbine Wheels
  • Cooling Fans


  • Forward, Aft, Combining and Engine Transmission
  • Bearing Liner Replacement
  • Mix Box
  • Lube Pump
  • Full run stand capability for all CH-47 and CH-46E transmissions

Engineering Services

Columbia Helicopters is committed to providing the best in-class design and maintenance engineering services to support the best in-class flight operations. Columbia specializes in the design, manufacturing support, and maintenance support for the Model 107-II (civil variant of the CH-46), Model 234 (civil variant of the CH-47), and CH-47D tandem rotor helicopters.

Columbia understands the complexity and beauty of the design of these aircraft, as well as the functional and industry requirements. Columbia’s Engineering offers unparalleled engineering capabilities and flexibility to meet your rotorcraft’s operational, maintenance, and certification needs. Columbia’s highly-skilled engineering professionals use advanced tools to tackle the most complex projects and turn them into safe, reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solutions. Whether you have a mission specific new product development project or supporting current aircraft operations, Columbia offers engineering services tailored to meet your needs.


  • New Product Development and Implementation
  • Structural and Failure Analysis
  • Minor and Major Aircraft Repairs
  • FAA Certification
  • Complex System Integration
  • Manufacturing Support Capabilities
  • Electrical and Avionics Design

Additional Services and Capabilities

Dedicated on-site Avionics and Electric shops offer inspection, testing, repair, overhaul, modification and installation of the following types of systems:

  • Flight Control Systems
  • Monitoring
  • Collision Avoidance Systems
  • Management Systems
  • Flight Recorders
  • Radars
  • Communication Systems
  • Electrical Accessories
  • Wire Harnesses
  • Drive, Synch and Cross Shafts
  • Engine Compressors
  • Turbine Wheels
  • Cooling Fans
  • Transmission Internal Rotating Parts

The Rotor Blade shop is capable of repairing and overhauling both metal and composite rotor blades for a variety of aircraft. Services offered include:

  • Trim tab and honeycomb replacement
  • Nickel cap and trailing edge wedge repairs
  • Fairing, leading edge and erosion strip repairs
  • Painting and sealing
  • Balancing

U.S. Army PVA qualified to repair or overhaul CH-47 Chinook helicopter rotor heads, drive shafts and vertical shaft assemblies.

Repair and overhaul:

  • Forward and Aft Rotor Heads
  • Swashplates
  • Tail Rotor Drive Shafts
  • Vertical Shafts
  • Flight Control Assemblies
  • Synchronization Shafts and Adapter Assemblies

Columbia’s on-site paint shop is designed to handle helicopters of various sizes, including the CH-47D Chinook helicopters. Whether you need a completely new paint job or a small paint repair, Columbia’s experienced crew can match any paint color and scheme.

Services offered include the following:

  • Media blast stripping of components
  • Chemical stripping of aircraft and aircraft components
  • Chemical conversion coatings
  • Finish coatings of aircraft components
  • Durable, custom paint coatings
  • Application of non-skid coatings

Extensive on-site inventory provides fast turnaround service.

Inspection, machining, welding, level 3 non-destructive testing; Engineering, logistics, flight test, training and more

  • Inspection
  • Machining
  • Welding
  • Engineering
  • Level 3 Non-Destructive Testing
  • Logistics
  • Flight Testing
  • Training and more

Operators choose Columbia for responsive life-cycle support and MRO services, from tip to tail, in the hangar or in the field.

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