A wide and varied background allows Columbia Helicopters, with the essential elements necessary, to undertake all aspects of lift operations required during disaster relief projects. At Columbia, we assist in distributing food and medicine for USAID projects in Africa, marine salvage, removing car wrecks from high mountain lakes and deep ravines, timber recovery and oil spill cleanup in Louisiana.

Successful recovery projects require the skilled utilization of many resources, including experienced personnel combined with the right tools. Our on-staff project management teams are cohesive, flexible and skilled at minimizing risk, utilizing resources with only the local area’s best interest in mind.


With helicopter lift capacity of up to 28,000 pounds, Columbia Helicopters offers a wide range of vertical lift capacities. This means we haul generators, pumps, bulldozers and other heavy equipment. Our experience extends to moving explosives with our qualified hazmat team.


Our helicopters are capable of carrying passengers or a combination of passengers and cargo. This flexibility allows us to be equipped for long-line operations, fire suppression, logging, and area clean-up operations. Pushing it further, we adapt to your schedule to fight fires in the morning, move mobile hospitals at noon and conduct area clean-up operations in the afternoon.


Columbia Helicopters has a wide array of skids, lift pallets, nets, construction load rigging, long lines, hooks, grapples, concrete buckets, water buckets, tanks, blivets, hoppers and many other types of equipment. All of this equipment can be made available at the disaster relief zone to assist in rebuilding the infrastructure.

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