Lift Services

Water. People. Timber. Equipment. Supplies.

No matter what you need to move or carry, the Columbia experience goes far beyond flight. It starts with an experienced project manager to consult, advise and understand your project and objectives. They take care of everything, coordinating the entire project, from start to finish, and working closely with our load coordinators and highly skilled pilots to complete tasks quickly and safely. A team of trained mechanics also accompanies each assignment, to ensure helicopters are always ready to efficiently complete the tasks at hand.

Sometimes the Right Person for the Job is a 22,500 Pound Helicopter.

Helicopters do things no other aircraft can do — and Columbia’s heavy-lift helicopters routinely do what some might consider impossible. Our helicopters and crews take on the jobs few others are qualified to attempt. From logging and construction, to disaster relief and defense, forestry to firefighting — no job is too big or too tough for this team. If you think it can’t be done, call Columbia.

We Build Trust

From power lines and pipelines to ski lifts and communication towers — Columbia can safely and capably carry the supplies you need to make it happen. We pioneered aerial crane applications, and our techniques and equipment have become the industry standard.

300 Rigs and Counting

Columbia has been moving rigs quickly, efficiently and safely since 1971. We have successfully completed more than 300 rig moves in 7 countries in terrain ranging from mountain drill sites at 9,000 feet to jungles at 3,000 feet — using the fastest, most fuel efficient helicopters for maximum efficiency and minimal downtime.

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It’s Only Natural

Columbia Helicopters is very proud of the work we do to help support fish habitat enhancement. Across the Pacific Northwest, fish and stream biologists are using our helicopters to place boulders, logs and root wads into streams and creeks, helping to restore habitat and spawning grounds for native fish runs.

Into Action

Delivering food and medicine. Hauling generators or tanks. Moving mobile hospitals. Removing wreckage. From cleanup to recovery, whatever the need, when disaster strikes, Columbia has the helicopters, people and equipment to get the job done.

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Specialized Expertise

Columbia pioneered the helilogging mission in 1969, and today our deeply specialized capability brings together experts in forestry, highly trained logging teams, and proficient flight crews able to move heavy loads of logs on lines up to 350 feet long with speed and precision. Our environmentally sound selective logging practices have received international acclaim.

Trusted worldwide, commercial and government heavy-lift helicopter operators choose Columbia.

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