Steve was promoted to Vice President of Operations in October 2012.

In June of 2008, Steve was designated as Chief Pilot. In November of 2009, the position of Director of Flight Operations was added to Steve’s role.

Steve has worked at Columbia since 1989 and has acquired over 10,000 flight hours and his Airline Transport Pilot rating in Columbia’s 107 and 234 model helicopters.

During this time he has served as both lead and command pilot in all of Columbia’s operations, including logging, fire, construction, passenger, and oil. Steve also serves as a Designated Pilot Examiner for the FAA in both models.

In 1983, Steve began private fixed-wing training. By 1984 he had earned his Commercial/Flight Instructor Helicopter rating and spent the next couple of years instructing and running a flight school.

In 1987 he took a job with a real estate development company in Los Angeles flying a B206L3 and serving as their Director of Acquisitions until 1989, when he joined Columbia.