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Military Maintenance Services

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Columbia Helicopters is the only operator of the commercial model Chinook - the Columbia Model 234 - and the commercial model Sea Knight – Columbia Vertol 107-II – helicopters in the world.

The experience we have gained maintaining our fleet enables us to provide customers with unmatched, knowledgeable service based on years of global operational experience.

The Columbia Helicopters MRO facility located in Aurora, Oregon is qualified to provide repair and overhaul services for CH-47, CH-46 and H-3/S-61 aircraft as well as GE-T58 and T55-712 and T55-GA-714A engines up to depot level.

Columbia Helicopters is proud to provide extensive maintenance services to all branches of the U.S. Military as well as a number of foreign military operators. Please contact us for a complete list of capabilities.

CH-47 U.S. Army Qualifications

  • Repair/Overhaul forward and aft rotorheads
  • Repair/Overhaul forward and aft transmissions
  • Repair/Overhaul combining transmissions
  • Repair/Overhaul engine transmissions
  • Repair/Overhaul drive shafting
  • Repair/Overhaul vertical shaft assemblies

CH-47 General Capabilities

  • Repair T55-712 and T55-GA-714A engines
  • Extensive structural repairs and major airframe modifications
  • Repair of composite and metal rotor blades
  • Repair/Overhaul of dynamic components

CH-46E Capabilities

  • CT-T58 Repair/Overhaul
  • Repair/Overhaul of Hamilton Standard fuel control unit
  • Repair/Overhaul of all engine accessories
  • Extensive structural repairs and major airframe modifications
  • Repair/Overhaul of rotor blades
  • Repair/Overhaul of dynamic components
  • Extensive composite capabilities

SH-3 Capabilities

  • Repair/Overhaul GE-T-58 engine
  • Repair/Overhaul GE-T-58 engine accessories
  • Repair/Overhaul 66WBL200, 66WAP200, 66WAN200 hydraulic pumps
  • Repair/Overhaul primary servo cylinder
  • Repair/Overhaul auxiliary servo cylinder
  • Repair/Overhaul tail rotor drive shafting