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CHI engine technician works on an AL5512 engine.

Columbia Helicopters’ Turbine Engine Shop maintains full engine and accessory overhaul capabilities on the GE CT58/T58 series engine as well as the AL5512/T55 series engine.  Over 20 years of maintenance experience enhanced by our continuous training programs and field support has propelled Columbia’s status as a world leader in the CT58/T58 engine and accessory market.  In addition to our current GE correlated test cell, recent facility upgrades have added a new engine test cell capable of testing engines in the 6000 horsepower class at our Aurora, OR location.

Columbia’s 50 plus years of operating and maintaining our own fleet has provided us with the experience necessary to provide superior maintenance service and support to our customers.  From accessories to complete engine overhaul and testing, Columbia’s Turbine Engine Shop provides a single stop for all of our customer’s engine requirements.

Follow the link to view our Repair Station Certificate CHIR823C (Click to download PDF) and Operations Specifications OPSPEC. Please contact our Marketing Department to discuss your specific needs.