A Veteran By Your Side

From troop transport and disaster relief, to MRO and logistics, government operators call on Columbia to establish, augment or expand their heavy-lift capabilities. That’s why, in addition to our many commercial customers, Columbia is proud to be a preferred vendor to all branches of the U.S. Military, the Department of Defense and multiple foreign military operators.

Operator of Choice

As with all of our specialized missions, deep experience and capability distinguish Columbia’s work with a range of government customers. Columbia Helicopters recently surpassed 71,000 flight hours in Afghanistan. Our aircraft on average fly more than 1,000 hours each month in harsh, unforgiving conditions.

Active in Afghanistan

Columbia Helicopters continues to be the operator of choice for USTRANSCOM. Supported by mechanics, cabin crew and pilots, our fleet fly full days, seven days a week, in Afghanistan, moving tons of cargo, mail and passengers, including VIPs. Force protection work has included placing 6,000-pound barricades to block access roads and protect military personnel from Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (VPIEDs).

International Partners

Australia. Morocco. The Netherlands. When international military operators begin operating small fleets of heavy-lift helicopters, they often turn to Columbia as an in-country, go-to partner for everything from operations and overhaul and repair to training, logistics, inspections and more. It’s an all-encompassing partnership and a broad scope of work where international operators benefit from Columbia’s experience and knowledge as an operator and maintainer with high operating tempos and low operating costs.

Columbia has the experience, capabilities and helicopters to complete the mission.

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