Complete Helilogging Specialists

Columbia Helicopters pioneered successful helicopter logging in 1969, and we offer a lot more than just the heavy-lift equipment to complete tough logging jobs.

Forestry Expertise

Our on-staff consulting foresters have decades of professional experience. They can consult with you on timber cruising for volume and value, marking for wildlife, timber stand improvement, and forest health, and provide you with appraisals and quotes. They also have extensive experience in cost-effective wood movement, remote camp solutions and marine logistics.

Highly trained Logging Teams

Our logging professionals are trained to know log scaling procedures, log weights, defect and grade. A qualified bullbuck always supervises cutting, and logs are carefully manufactured for optimum mill specifications while keeping within maximum helicopter weight limits.

A Proficient Flight Crew

Our flight crews are among the best in the world at long line work. They are able to move heavy loads of logs on lines up to 350 feet long with speed and precision. And our pilots have earned a notable safety record, taking good care of both the equipment in the air and the loggers on the ground.

Environmentally Sound Logging

While our innovative helicopter logging methods have always attracted international attention, our selective logging has garnered the greatest attention in recent years. By removing only a portion of the available timber from a logging site—very often, trees that are already dead—the remaining timber thrives on the additional resources of sunlight, water, and soil nutrients. This method also cuts down on soil erosion, road development, landslides and washouts of existing roads. And the remaining stand of timber appears natural, making this method especially useful in high population areas.

With increasing pressure on all federal lands to provide recreation, fish and wildlife habitat and timber, helilogging offers the ideal compromise.

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Forestry Brochure

On-staff foresters, logging professionals and expert flight crews are trained in selective logging and fish habitat restoration.

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