The Ideal Fire Fighting Aircraft

We’ve specialized in fighting wild fires since 1967; dropping water and chemical retardants from helicopters ranging in size from Sikorsky S61s to the Columbia Model 234 Chinook. We match water buckets to each helicopter’s lift capabilities. We currently use a 1,300-gallon bucket for our Vertol 107-II, and a 2,650-gallon bucket with the larger Columbia Model 234 Chinook—making the Chinook the lowest cost per gallon deliverer of any fire-fighting helicopter.

Bubble windows on both the pilot and copilot sides give our operators a clear view of what’s below them, so they can fill buckets and center themselves over drop areas more effectively. Once the aircraft is over the fire, our pilots are able to drop the water in a variety of ways. They can create a massive fire line by partially opening the bucket while in motion; they can open and close the gate to deploy a series of spot drops; or they can take out hotspots with one massive, precision spot drop.

The Best Equipment for the Job

Our SEI Torrentula Bambi Buckets are equipped with the Powerfill System. Each bucket carries four high-speed pumps that can fill it in less than 90 seconds, from water sources as shallow as 18 inches. And each bucket is slung 200 feet below the helicopter, so our pilots are able to access tree-lined streams and ponds, backyard swimming pools, or other restricted-access water sources.

We also employ the use of portable dip tanks, which are 5,000-gallon tanks on wheels that can be easily filled nearby and pulled by truck or helicopter to the fire, acting as improvised bucket-filling sources for our pilots.

Our fire fighting helicopters are equipped with concentrated short term retardant foam in an onboard holding tank, which—when necessary—can be added to the water by the pilot en route to the drop zone. Our pilots can also access long term retardant from batch plants established at the fire.

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Firefighting Brochure

Firefighting since 1967, we match water buckets to each helicopter's lift capabilities.

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Watch our crews fight fire.