Experts in the Construction Business

Columbia Helicopters first worked on construction projects in 1959 And we bought the first large helicopter specifically for commercial heavy-lift construction projects. Since then many of our techniques and equipment have become the industry standard, used by helicopter companies around the world. As the pioneer in aerial crane applications, our personnel have years of experience in flying various types of loads. They know how to meet your job requirements and will thoroughly analyze each project prior to its starting. Most of our company command pilots have several thousand flight hours in type, and are experts in long line external load applications.

Primary Areas of Construction

  • Power Lines: foundations, concrete, towers and equipment
  • Pipelines: pipe, pipe weights, backfill and equipment
  • Rooftop: air conditioners, chillers, HVAC units, ducting
  • Steel: columns, trusses, girders, roofing
  • Ski lifts: towers, tramways, cement, and equipment.
  • Cellular phone and other broadcast communication towers

The Right Helicopter for Every Job

Columbia’s fleet of Columbia Model 234 Chinooks and Columbia Vertol 107-II helicopters meet a wide array of job applications.  With precision placement capacities of 26,000 pounds for the Chinook and 10,000 pounds for the Vertol, Columbia can provide you with the appropriate helicopter for your project. The twin rotor system on both types of helicopters provides a high degree of stability.

Large side bubble windows give our pilots a clear view of the external load at all times, including pickup and placement. This Columbia innovation means greater safety and significantly improves handling, speed, accuracy and turnaround time.

Our Project Manager will work with you, preparing the loads to be lifted directly from nearby staging areas and placed precisely in position, saving your company time and money.

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Construction Brochure

Let Columbia provide the aerial solution to your construction project.

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