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Visitor Policies

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Visitor Policies

Due to the nature of our work, Columbia Helicopters must adhere to very strict guidelines for visitors to our Aurora, Oregon headquarters and maintenance facility. There are no exceptions to these rules.

If you would like to download a PDF version of the policies shown below then please click here.

All Visitors

All visitors must have a company employee as their sponsor, who can provide additional security information if necessary.

1 Prior to any visitor or vendor being allowed to visit CHI, the sponsor or their Department must perform a pre-screen of the visitor's employer pursuant to the Pre-Screening Procedure;

2 For visitors:

a Sponsors must inform all potential visitors that CHI restricts access by foreign persons and ask whether any person in the visiting party is a foreign person.

b If the visitor is a foreign person, the sponsor must check to verify that the visitor's visit is approved by the Export/Import Compliance Manager (EICM);

i. If the visit is approved by the EICM, the sponsor may proceed with the visit provided the visit does not violate any of the requirements, provisos or limitations imposed by the EICM through an Export Authorization Memo;

ii. The sponsor must communicate all special instructions, provisos and limitations stated in the Export Authorization Memo to the foreign person visitor (the EICM will be available to assist with this if necessary);

c Visitors must enter and exit CHI's facilities through the front office only. Visitors are not allowed to enter through the CHI Gate 7 unless they have checked in with the receptionist in the front office.

d Prior to being allowed into the Aurora facility all visitors (U.S. or foreign person) must sign in with the receptionist on duty and provide all required information;

e The receptionist on duty must review the sign-in information and ensure that it is complete.

f The receptionist will issue all foreign person visitors a PINK international visitor badge. Visitor badges will only be issued in exchange for the visitors' government issued photo ID (driver's license, passport, etc.).

g The receptionist will issue all non-foreign person (U.S. Person) visitors an ORANGE visitor badge. Visitor badges will only be issued in exchange for the visitors' government issued photo ID (driver's license, passport, etc.).

All visitors must be accompanied by a CHI employee at ALL times while on CHI premises (please see below for vendors).

i All visitors must sign out and must return their visitor badge prior to having their ID returned and leaving CHI.

3 For Vendors:

a The sponsor notifies the Facilities Manager and the EICM that she/he would like the vendor's employees to have limited access to CHI's facilities without an escort. In the notification the sponsor should provide the purpose of the vendor's visits and a brief description of the areas that its employees will have access to at CHI;

b Prior to issuing a vendor badge to a vendor, the Facilities Manager or his/her designate or the sponsor must ensure that the vendor signs Visitor Export Compliance Certification.

c The GSA or receptionist will issue vendors GREEN vendor badges. vendors are allowed to keep their vendor badge while they remain a vendor, but must return them when their status as vendor terminates.

d The Facilities Manager maintains a list of vendors with access to CHI's facilities.

e The sponsor must ask the vendor whether it will be sending any foreign person employees to CHI.

f Any vendor employee who is a foreign person must be treated as a visitor as outlined in this procedure.

g Vendors must present their vendor badge when entering and exiting CHI and must sign-in or be signed in by the GSA. Vendors must sign-out or be signed out by the GSA each time they leave CHI's premises.

h Vendors who lose their badge must provide a written certification to the Receptionist or GSA stating the reason why they are unable to return their badge.

i Vendors may enter and exit through the front office or the CHI Gate 7.

4 While at CHI, unless the EICM states otherwise in the Export Authorization Memo, foreign person visitors or vendors are not allowed to:

a view software, technical data or aircraft maintenance or manufacturing know-how, processes or procedures;

b discuss software, technical data or aircraft maintenance or manufacturing know-how, processes or procedures with CHI employees; or

c visit CHI's Shops, Quality Control or Engineering Departments;

d view or access any U.S. or foreign military item.

5 All visitors or vendors who will have access to items a – c of the above paragraph 4, must be covered by a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement;

6 Any release of technical data to a foreign person visitor or vendor must follow the procedures stated in the Exporting Technical Data Procedure;

7 Sponsors, visitors and vendors must follow all CHI safety policies and procedures at all times while on CHI premises.